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Lil' Hurrikin (Single or Double Reed)

Lil' Hurrikin (Single or Double Reed)

Named in honor of one of the most popular WMAs here in Arkansas, the Hurrikin series of calls offers the hunter a modified tone board with “spit grooves” to help combat sticking of the reed due to moisture buildup. They also give the option of setting up the call as a single or double reed, which makes it basically  two calls for the price of one!
Lil’ Hurrikin has a smaller exhaust which makes it a quieter, true finesse call. Easy to produce the whines and squeals in a mallard hen’s voice, this call allows the hunter to talk to the ducks in close proximity without “flaring” call shy birds.
Choose initial setup as single or double reed. You will receive included materials to change setup as desired.