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Brad Allen began duck hunting with his father at age six. He grew up in the small community of Beedeville, AR where duck hunting is a way of life and the Cache river is in your back yard. His fascination with duck calling began on his first hunt. As he learned to operate a call, he spent many hours listening to live ducks in the field and memorizing their various voices and sounds. This addiction to duck calling was fueled further when he saw his first duck calling competition in 1988. He then began attending the World’s Championship Duck Calling contest in Stuttgart as a spectator on a yearly basis.

Shortly after graduating college with a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy, he began competitive calling himself. After several years of honing his calling skills on the competitive circuit, he won his first World’s Championship title in 2010, his second in 2012 and most recently in 2013.

In 2013, he decided it was time to design a hunting call that would fit his calling style and allow him to recreate the mallard duck sounds he had studied throughout his life. From this idea, Elite Duck Calls was born. Every Elite Duck Call is meticulously tuned by Brad himself. The commitment to quality at Elite Duck Calls is simple. The highest quality duck calls are produced without compromise. Brad’s motto and promise to his customers is “If it’s not good enough to hang on my lanyard, it doesn’t go out. Period!”